Reflower Project

Re-Flower project is a photo-therapy workshop designed especially for women victims of trafficking and sex workers living in the center of Athens.
The workshop will take place every week for three hours in a building near where the women work. With the use of participatory photography the women express their fears, explore their social landscape and fight for their right to create and be free. Exploring the inner world and reconnecting with the group through this non-violent dialogue, helps to heal traumas and reinforce self-esteem.
Ultimate goal of the workshop is to enable these women to become active and self sufficient members of the society, while mobilizing and raising the sensitivity of the public on this delicate subject. The workshop will be realized by AMAKA throughout the year 2015-2016, as part of The Attendants, a cross media project examining the world of the sex industry by Myrto Papadopoulos.
Το είναι ένα εργαστήρι φωτοθεραπείας / photo therapy που απευθύνεται σε γυναίκες οι οποίες έχουν πέσει θύματα παράνομης διακίνησης / trafficking ή σεξουαλικής εκμετάλλευσης /sex workers στην Αθήνα. Για 6 μήνες και για 3 ώρες κάθε εβδομάδα οι συμμετέχουσες εκφράζουν τους φόβους τους, διερευνούν και συζητούν τα πολύ ευαίσθητα θέματα που βιώνουν και έρχονται σε διάλογο με την κοινότητά τους μέσα από τις φωτογραφίες και τις ιστορίες τους.
Η εξερεύνηση του ψυχικού χώρου και η αίσθηση του ανήκειν, συμβάλλουν στην ενδυνάμωση της αυτοπεποίθησης και την επούλωση των τραυμάτων. Σκοπός των εργαστηρίων είναι να καταστήσει τις γυναίκες αυτές ενεργά και αυτοδύναμα μέλη της κοινωνίας.
Το εργαστήρι υλοποιείται από τη Μ.Κ.Ο. ΑΜΑΚΑ τη χρονιά 2015-2016 ενώ αποτελεί μέρος του ευρύτερου cross media project "The Attendants" / Μυρτώ Παπαδοπούλου, το οποίο εξετάζει με διαφορετικά μέσα την βιομηχανία του σεξ.

Re-Flower is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA Grants Greek NGO Programme “We are all Citizens”. The Bodossaki Foundation is the Fund Operator of this Programme.

The Programme aims to strengthen civil society and enhance the contribution of NGOs to social justice, democracy and sustainable development.

Reflower project gallery

The third part of the "Attendants Project" is the "Re-flower Project". In this part the women become the photographers and are given a voice through their images. They are provided with Polaroid cameras and together we walk around the streets of Athens where they work and take snapshots of their daily lives.

Break the chain festival

To mark the 6th EU Day against Human Trafficking, the "Break the Chain" trans-media festival will take place at the Technopolis of the Municipality of Athens (24th & 25th of October 2015). It is the first time that an international two-day multidisciplinary festival against Human Trafficking is organized.
The overriding theme of the Festival is to inform and raise awareness of the general public on issues relating to human trafficking and modern day slavery.The Festival is part of the initiative "Break the Chain" of the Office of the National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings (Foreign Ministry) in collaboration with the Technopolis of the City of Athens and the cultural platform “elculture.”

Participants of the event include all the competent state partners, civil society, corporate citizenship (CSR) and cultural stakeholders who cooperate with the national coordination authority, as well as key international partners. The trans-media concept of the events aims to combine culture and art with awareness raising and social activism. Our intention is to address the general public that is not familiar with the realities of human trafficking, to shed light on all aspects of this "invisible" crime and human right violation and help to reduce the 'public demand' for services or products extracted from modern day slavery or exploitative slave-like conditions.

In a nutshell, the ‘break the chain’ Festival includes:

  • A Film Festival (feature films, documentaries, videos and animations).
  • Three major Theatrical Performances.
  • Music concerts.
  • Photography exhibitions, visual arts and contemporary art.
  • NGO stands/ booths and interactive events.
  • Seminars and workshops.

The Team

Αναστασία Αγγελοπούλου


Margarita Papadopoulou
Art Therapist


Myrto Papadopoulos
Photographer, Documentary Film maker


Daphne Kalafati
Photo Therapist


Niovi Stavropoulou
Art Therapist